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SOI Activities
in Toronto


Sufi Order International (SOI) - Activities in Toronto

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You can subscribe to one or more of the SOI Toronto Centres notices using the “Register and Subscribe” form. We offer two notices at this time:

  1. A “Toronto SOI Events” newsletter for major announcements and events, which will be sent out no more often than quarterly.
  2. A “Toronto SOI Reminder” notice that will be sent approximately monthly as a reminder about classes, meetings or other events of interest to the SOI community, and that are coming up in the next few weeks. It may also occasionally be used to announce last minute changes to already scheduled events.

In the subscription form, only your email, first name, and last name are required (they’re labeled in red), along with your selection of notices at the bottom. We hope to use the other information, if you provide it, to learn more about our subscribers and their interests.

If you are a Sufi Order initiate or have otherwise entered into any of the five SOI Concentrations, please complete the question “Have you entered any SOI Concentrations?” We will sometimes have mailings for events that are only open to such people, and only those who have indicated it here will receive those notices.

Similarly, we may occasionally only send out mailings to people in the Toronto area, if for instance we are holding an event with very little space and would like it to be especially for our local community. If you would consider driving to Toronto for an event and driving home that same day, please check the box next to, “Are you living in the Toronto area?”

Some people share an email address, although the form only offers one place for First Name and one for Last Name. If you need to, you can use the “Others at this email address” space to enter the names of anyone else who uses this same email address, and who you believe should be noted in our database as a notice recipient.

(you may have to scroll down to the form after clicking a link)

required fields are marked red
Email address
Confirm your email address
Preferred format for email messages:
Province or State (Canada & U.S.)
Have you entered any SOI Concentrations? (mark all that apply)
Esoteric School (as Initiate, Coordinator, or Representative)
Universal Worship (as Received, Cherag or Siraj)
Healing Order (as Initiate, Conductor, or Shafiyat)
Ziraat (as Initiate or Farmer)
Kinship (as Participant or Leader)
Are you living in the Toronto area?
Last name
Sufi name
Others at this email address
First name

Please select the newsletters you want to sign up to:

  • Toronto SOI Events Newsletter
    A newsletter describing special events and other major announcements for the Sufi Order International in Toronto and the surrounding region, as well as the upcoming few months' regular schedule. Probably sent out no more often than quarterly.
  • Toronto SOI Reminder
    A periodic email reminder that lists the coming month's Toronto and region classes, events and other activities of the Sufi Order International and friends. Sent out monthly, or occasionally more often in case of last-minute changes or announcements.


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